Cracked KH handle from road UPD

I have a new KH 2007 Freeride saddle that I have used only a few times since I bought it from Darren last fall. Near the end of my 29er ride tonight, I had a lovely, inexplicable sliding UPD onto my knees and hands*. No worries, I thought, until I picked up what I thought was a piece of my light off of the road. It was a sharp chunk of handle! Two chunks of the ribbed handle had shattered off, leaving a jagged edge. Upon closer inspection under a streetlight, the handle was split completely in half down the middle.

I know that folks used to rip off their handles when putting pressure on them in muni and trials, but it seems bizarre that a handle should crack from a relatively gentle one-time impact with the ground. Is this common for ribbed KH handles? Or perhaps there was a defect in the plastic? Any thoughts?


  • Why is there always, ALWAYS someone there to witness your one bail in ages? Despite it being a pretty casual ride, I was wearing my overkill Harbringers and kneepads, so no skin was donated to the asphalt (I occasionally UPD at the most unlikely times and I have to save my joints for…well, everything else).



i belive you can claim warranty on it, it shouldnt crack like that.

contact darren and tell him what happened.

i shattered my handle earlier this winter, got a replacement for $10

There was a bad batch of some of the newer saddles. The one I got from Darren shattered like that (back bumper though) two or so weeks after getting it and he replaced it for free. You could try and get it replaced but I’m not sure if it’s too late for you or not.

kris holm admited there was a defect in some of the handles in the new 07 saddles. You probably got unlucky. Try get a replacement with your warranty, cause it defo shouldnt have done that.

ya mine broke on my 29 07

mine broke too on a road ride like yours…but I got mine from UDC, and they replaced it free.