Cracked hub?

So I bought a 2nd hand Koxx devil today, got it back to my flat and decided to do a bit of maintenance on it before going for a ride tomorrow.

I took the frame off the wheel because there was a build up of dirt and then noticed that the bit between the bearing and the flange had a crack in it, I checked the other side and there was a crack that side as well.
On one side the whole part between the bearing and the flange can actually spin round.

Here are some pictures to show what I mean:

Is this a major problem?


Those look like spacers. Not sure why they need the slits in them (sizing?) but the aren’t cracks.

Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I’m 99% sure those are just spacers, mine has them too and I got it new.

ya those come on all koxx hubs. there aluminum spacers. im sure its just to save weight.

They are only spacer, I took mine off when I had my Koxx-one uni. I think the KH spacers are lighter though, I dont think it’s made to save weight…

well i meen they could have had the hub thicker right there but its lighter to have an alu spacer instead.