Cracked frame, can it be repair

i cracked my torker frame many many month ago.

Now i took it out and want to see if i can repair it. it is steel frame, i am not sure can it be rewelded. it has not snap yet, but big crack around bottom of frame neck.

thank you


Yes, but it will never be the same again. Fix it if you can do so cheap enough (cheaper than replacing it with a much better frame). Go!

It can be re-welded, but if you get someone to fix it, see if they can add some gussets so it won’t break again.

If I were you I would just get a different frame. My friend replaced his torker frame with a nimbus and it’s a lot lighter now.

It can be welded

I don’t think it’s chrome moly steel. I had a job in the early 80’s where I did a lot of mig welding. A fast easy job it would be if it was regular steel. I don’t know if the chrome moly steel alloys need something different.
Use your phone book heavy for this job. Try to find out the exact steel alloy if you can( on the net ) Then call local weld shops for a price. I could weld a little thing like that in seconds if I had a mig machine. Certainly if it is “plain” steel, it can be mig welded in seconds. Shop around. :sunglasses:

It’s probably 4130 cro moly steel, so it should be easy to re-weld.

A friend broke his seat post and I told him I could weld it for him when I looked at the original welds they were pathetic and after I finished welding it it is now way stronger than it was. I dont no if you will be able to weld it, Im fairly sure you can weld to cromed metal if that helps atall. I would just try it, that would be easyer.

If you know someone who can weld it for free or for a few beers then it should be easy. If you need to get a shop to do it it’ll be cheaper to buy a nimbus frame.

I thought Torker are sending out replacement frames if you send them the broken one back. They know there is a problem with the design.


Torker frames are really weak. If you weld it, it will snap apart again. The weld will definatley hold but the frame will break in a different place.

I’d get a Nimbus frame.
It’s what I’ve got now and I havn’t had any trouble with it.

if you know some one that can weld then go for it. but if you go to a shop than it could get close to a nimbus frame so basically if it is 20 bucks to fix u mine as well put up another 20 for a nimbus frame or a yuni frame. you can also get a rounded nimbus frame for 20.

so many threads on this…

yeah. i have a dx frame from when i still rode torker. we sent it to one of my dads friends who is a welder by trade. he reinforced it and made it way better. it is stronger than an 07 frame. and probbibly about as strong as a nimbus, yuni, koxx, etc. you have to weld it at the bottom of the frame. along eith the top to make it that strong though.

that is fairly true. although i don’t know of anyone breaking a lx or cx frame. or tx but i know of one that is bent so far riding it is hard. the only reason the dx frame breaks is because of the way it is welded. and typically lx frames aren’t riden hard enough. if it is welded ot the top and bottom it becomes way stronger. i have a re welded one that i would put money on, that could be riden for a extremely long time. the only weak point on the dx frame is the weld between the crown and the tube.

at the price of the nimbus II its hardly a stretch to get one compared to the pain of getting the DX one welded, messing around with it

Talk on the phone and do the prep work yourself

If you take a file and bevel the crack, and sand the paint off, there’s really no work at all. See if you can find a welder to do it for 5 $, maybe free. If the welder has his gear on and machine already set up, it will cost him a minute and 10 cents of weld wire. Make some calls.:slight_smile:

all your base are belong to us?

it has a lifetime warranty, if you take it to a bikeshop they should send it in for the price of shipping to wherever they ship it to, and they will replace it.

just putting that out there.
the 07 DX frame owns(thats what an older DX frame will be replaced w/)I havn’t heard of a broken LX frame, but i hate CX frames.(I’m sure one has broken)


You or somebody can probably weld it with oxy-acceteylene or a torch. That’s what I would use. A TIG would be real good but you would be paying for a process and skill that you don’t really need. A good torch man can get full penetration and the inside of the weld (inside the pipe) will look (if you coudl see it) almost as nice as the outside. Small diameter thin walled tubing/pipe with a wire feed can be a bit of a problem if your not used to doing it. Reinforcing such as suggested by GUI would be a really great idea. If I were going to do it for you I’d probably charge you 20 to 30 depending on what the set up took to hold things in place. Maybe buying a new better would be the way to go but if your strapped for cash…