Cracked Bearing Torker LX

I just bought a unicycle off FB Marketplace, and discovered that it has a cracked bearing. Is it worth replacing? Will the 40 mm Universal bearing fit?

Looks like it may take a 6203-2RS bearing (17x40x12mm). You can confirm that when you take it apart.

You can pick up those for as little as $2.95 USD on Ebay with free shipping to your front door. Yes it should be worth replacing the bearing.

Thank you!

Is it worth replacing? If you have to ask, then you probably don’t know how to remove/install a bearing. It requires some special tools to “pull the old bearing out” straight without scaring the hub shaft. Then to be able to “press” it in “straight” without damaging the bearing face or seal by pressing on the outer race diameter. Just take it to a bike shop. They shouldn’t charge you more than $20 for parts and labor. Ask for a “sealed” bearing instead of a “shielded” bearing if possible. Good luck.

I replaced the bearing, last night. Luckily, I had a gear puller from the days I used to tinker with cars. One weird thing. If I tighten the bracket too much, the bearing didn’t turn freely. The bearing housing was being deformed from the pressure. That’s how the original bearings got cracked, I’m guessing. Anyway, I backed off the screws until bearings turned freely. Hopefully, the nyloc nuts will keep the screws from coming loose.

Sounds like you did good. Yes you have to be very gentle when tightening the bolts and the self locking nut should help.