Crack in 36" Nimbus Nightrider frame

I’ve discovered a crack in my 2010 Nimbus Nightrider frame. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible to fix it? Has anyone done that? Has anyone had a Nightrider frame break?

I love this frame and don’t want to replace it

I had the same frame on my previous 36, now sold and being ridden by another member of this forum. It was a nice frame and rode well. I’m not sure that it was any BETTER than a more conventional frame style, but some people really like the style. My first was a Coker Big One which had a cheap and cheerful frame. My second was the Nimbus, like yours. My current one is the KH and I prefer it, but there are other differences such as the wheel and tyre, so it is not a perfect comparison.

I didn’t have that problem with it. However, you can see that it is a narrow tube with a hole drilled in it, so it can’t be the strongest point on the frame. If you keep riding it as it is, it will get worse.

I would be very surprised if you couldn’t get a local car repairer or bike shop to braze or weld it and it would still be useable, although it would end up a bit Mad Max in appearance.

I would also be surprised if couldn’t source you a replacement frame. The frames are not individually listed on the UK website, but they must be able to get them.

If you get a different frame, you will need to think about the width of the hub and the diameter of the bearings.

UDC will likely try to get you on a new frame like an oracle or titan. If you really like the frame, have a look around for frame builders in your area.

Bikeforums.netis a great resource and you could probably find someone willing to do it on there. If all else fails, I’m sure you could ship it to Walt of Waltworks.

I’d rather have a frame builder do something like this than your average welder but that’s only my preference.

Not a problem for a good mig welder

Any good welder should be able to patch that up and make it look as good as new. If the hole does not serve a needed purpose, both could be welded closed and it would be stronger then original. If the hole serves a purpose it could be relocated down the tube were the stress would likely be less.


I believe these holes are to allow hot air to escape during the welding or brazing process. Also, ventilation in case moisture gets inside.

Look around for a welding shop. Those are fairly easy fixes. I’ve fixed an Oregon a few weeks ago for a local friend. If you were in Canada I would have offered you to fix it.

This is crmoly steel, it’s pretty thin, make sure you find an experienced welder and not just a guy who knows how to put his machine on. Once welded it’ll be as good as new!

Thanks for the advice, and also for your generous offer jaco_flans. I will try to get someone to weld it. This was the unicycle of my dreams in 2010 because of the frame and the disc brake. Frame, rim, spokes, seatpost and handle is what’s left of the original uni, but as long as I have the frame, it feels like it’s the same one.