crabcycle update


I got a crabcycle update. I scanned in lots more pictures of how it was made. Also added a cost breakdown. Scanning it in, I was still amazed at Tom Miller’s work. For those who dont know… Tom Miller has been making quality custom unicycles for years.

A month ago I was able to idle and juggle briefly on it. Sorry no new videos. Also I switched the mechanism the other day and I was back to holding the fence desparately with both hands. For now though its back in the “Go West” position. I want to get a little better at juggling on it first.

If you want to check it out click on my crab cycle gif at

That is some construction project, tools I’ve only dreamed of using. Thanks for providing all those steps, it is interesting how all those parts were made to fit together. That gearbox looks simple from the outside, but it’s built like a watch on the inside.

I really like the Macro pictures of the machines.

Now if only I can get VLC player to play the .mov files.

It just stopped… gotta fix it.

Tom Miller is quite the machinist. I think he can make just about anything we want, if he puts his mind to it. Thanks for posting all those pictures, it really helps us appreciate the amount of work that goes into a custom unicycle!

For the videos, try Quicktime. It’s the default on my Mac so no problem, but it’s also free for the PC so it should work.

I updated VLC player, works fine now.