Crab cycle

I got my crab cycle (aka go west, skewnicycle) from Tom Miller (of the unicycle factory… on Thursday of last week. Tom did a real great job on it… there are some older photos if you follow the link Photos from a visit to the Unicycle Factory. (I think I prefer the name crab cycle even though I did not think of it. :roll_eyes: )

It rides pretty well. For you double wheeler folks out there… so far, this one seems easier. You are not fighting with your brain doing the opposite of what your supposed to do, but still it does not seem like you can do it without spending some time adjusting to the novelty of it. Dismounting can be a little harder since you have a tendency to land on one foot if you dont have time to swing the seat around. I have not tried having it go the other way… ie “go east” when pedal forwards yet. I will save that for later. :slight_smile:

Today I spent two and a half hours on it. I would have spent more time if I had the time… Its a lot of fun.

At first I had to force myself to lean to the left as I pedal forwards but later it felt more natural. Also it feels a little like snowboarding… I can’t wait until I can ride zigzaging down the street. Idling seems like it may be hard since you are putting torque on the pedals sharply seems to pivot the wheel.

When I first got it I was going along a fence with 2 hands holding pretty tight… now I am lightly brushing with one hand sometimes with 1-2 complete revolutions. I am hoping the next time will be the time I am free from the fence… :slight_smile:

That is awesome! I really, really want to try one of those sometime.

i cant find it the picture


Yip… that is indeed the crabcycle. I attempted to ride it at the last Unatics meeting, but gave up rather quickly. I have no doubt that Dave will master that extremely unique, amazing machine in no time. It sure will be a sight to see, once he can whiz around on it! It will look pretty bugged out… definitely a lot cooler thatn the 2-wheeler, that’s for sure (even though I think the 2-wheeler is really cool)!

interesting uni to say the least!
Tom is a good guy, Ive chatted with him before.

UW is simply amazing on the weird stuff… grats David!

I hope to see a video someday :sunglasses:

cool, in all my days of thinking about unicycles I never thought of that one! I’m still keen to see a “low rider” so you can sit as you would on a harley… could be chain driven to place whe wheel behind/under you?