Cow Roach Pads (finally)

Hey, we finally got them! I was expecting black on white, but because their ballistics are black, we had to settle for Jersey Cow.

What’s that on the end, beside the pads? Well, that’s our Roach saddle cover, as a thanks for waiting so long!

(Now to get Mrs Sofa out riding!)


Very stylie! It will be a shame to scrape them up - but they’ll look even better when they’ve had a little lovin’



Cool. My in-laws milk Holsteins, but they’ed probably run this city boy out of town if I showed up with those.

Would anybody get it if they were patterned after Dutch Belts?

Really cool, Sofa. Mrs. Sofa will look amazing riding her uni with those cow’roaches on! :smiley:

Glad you finally got 'em.


Erin 1
Mrs Sofa 1
Sofa 0 :frowning:

It has to be soon, Sofa. The yellow wheel must be just about in the box by now, I figure. :wink:


They’re beautiful. I was mooooved.

They are a lovely sight!
I have a mug with an undressed cow. On the left he is holding up a suit with black spots on white & on the right he is holding up a suit with brown spots on white. The caption is “Spot decision”.

What’s the price and turn around time on custom Roach pads? My 661s have come up missing and I think I’d like to get something “special” done.

Moooooooo La La La La Laaaa…im utterly in love with those.

According to this thread, it cost Sofa $130CAD (incl. $10 for XpressPost) and he ordered them Dec. 14, 2002, giving us a turn-around time of 4 months, to the day.

In the aformentioned thread, Mike (Chex) said he had recently received his yellow-on-blue flame patterened Roaches after approx. 2 months.


The did blame a lot of that 4 months on moving buildings though, because at the time, they made it sound like I’d have them in a month.

By throwing in the seat cover for taking 4 months, I would think that they would have them, generally, in less time.

Others have waited a really long time though, so if you’re gonna order some, make sure you aren’t planning on no MUni’ing before you get them!

Very a-mooo-using. I think I might be jelous enough to take the old spray paint and have some fun on my 661’s. Good for Roach to include the seat cover. I hope they have fun absorbing many years worth of falls, spills, crashes and thrills.