where can i get the stuff to make one and how much would it cost

2.75$ and go take a bus downtown

ha ha we ony have to pay 1.85 up here in canada

like a trials or muni course? if thats the case then you can get supplies anywhere and it can cost as much or as little as you want…it all depends on how big and how sturdy you want it to be…you can get skids(pallets from grocery stores if you ask them nicely and 2x4s and other wood or bricks and stuff from constructions sites also if you ask nice. even the city dump will ahve a variety of neet stuff you can use to make a killer course.

jungauni greg is from canada and so am i and i have to pay 2.10. but lucky hes right you kno…just take a bus downtown…in every city theres a couple great riding spots…you just gotta look for em!

i know one good spot but they don’t close until late and i have to go home because i don’t live ion town

it would be a trails course