Couple Unidentified Pictures in the Faces Gallery

One on page 2 and two on page 3.

Who are you? :slight_smile:

Send me a caption and I’ll get it posted for you.

yoopers at


The four-pic one is from the Royal Rider album, I think that is Unibrow. Looks like they posted the thumbnail instead of the full size pic.

Oops! The first unidentified one is me. the one right after ekimstorm. Just put “Eric aka Catboy”


I didn’t think my picture had finished it’s transfer, so I didn’t send a caption!!

The unicyclist jumping off the Buick is me, JonnyD.

Caption: Jonathan Davis Jumping off “Phillip”

thanks Bruce

Ps. Sorry it’s not a good shot of my face, but I don’t have a scanner and that’s the only pic I have of me stored on the computer,

pps I broke that unicyle whilst doing that

I upped a new picture in the gallerie too. I stand with my unicycle on the white park bench. I didn’t knew how I could add same words to the picture…sorry.

Informations for the pic: “Unitrials in Germany - Felix with the 20” unicycle on a park bench < >"


So, who is our runner in Honolulu on page 4? Is that you, daino149?


caption please: evilewan contact juggling

I’m sorry, which picture? There are two of them posted now.


Evilewan is this one:

The one with the funky lens effect…


the one with the hippie holding the clear ball