Couple of quick BC wheel questions:

Is it normal that the tyre rubs on your legs heaps when you’re learning? I think it’s the main thing that’s making it hard for me to learn although I’ve only practised 15 minutes and I can skate mount and ride a few metres. The hub on the wheel I have is pretty narrow. Should I increase the Q factor by putting some spacers in the axle so i won’t rub as easily?

Also, does anyone else think nimbus plates are too high, even on the lowest hole? The axle on my wheel sticks out heaps and I can barely get my feet under the axle unless I have the balls of my feet on the plates. Or is it good to have the balls of your feet on the plates?


It is entirely normal for your legs to rub when you’re learning. It gets better with time. As for the plates, after trying Bedfords, Nimbus plates are sh*t. It definitely makes a difference to have lower plates so your feet aren’t crushed by the axle.

After another 15 minutes practise I can ride atleast 5m every time I skate mount properly (I run out of room after that). I don’t have room to jump mount. My legs still rub a lot though, it’s the most common thing that makes me fall off. Yeah it seems stupid that nimbus plates are so high, O well I can still get my feet under the axle so it should be alright. Just lucky that I don’t have big feet lol. Also I can’t get bedford plates very easily in NZ and I can’t weld or anything so I just decided to get nimbus plates.

lol cool i got a nimbus bc wheel with the reinforced plates yesterday and i rode it about 50m down a small slope after about an hour.Such great fun :D.yes it usually rubs my legs but i wear pads and i move my legs away from the tyre as quickly as possible

Yeah it’s pretty easy to learn ae? I think I’ll just wear tight jeans for as little rubbing as possible but still protection. I’m taking it to the unicycle club tonight so I’ll actually have a chance to ride more than 5m. It is great fun. I think I’ll still spend more time unicycling but if I ever need a break from unicycling I’ll be jumping straight on my BC

yeah ill still ride my uni more aswell.Cant wait to do decent hops

I used to wear an ace bandage on my leg so I wouldn’t tear up my leg with the tire.
I have tried the nimbus plates and they are not low enough, the bolt will kill your foot. They came out with that longer nut to make the axle stick out more and that is a really bad idea unless the bolt is completely over your shoe.

BC wheeling’s going pretty well for me now. I can ride off small drops, and ride downhill for atleast 50m. I put some spacers inbetween the hub and the plates and that has meant I can get my second foot on easier when skate mounting and I don’t hurt my foot as much. Also I can usually keep even weight on the plates now so my legs dont rub much, which means I go much faster and further lol.

a cushion would be nice ^^

a cushion would be nice :slight_smile: