Couple of Active Ankles questions.

For those of you who have used Active Ankles, I have a couple of specific questions that I couldn’t find in past threads:

  1. Do they fit OK underneath your leg armor? (I wear 661 4x4s)

  2. I wear a size 9 shoe and have thin ankles and feet. Does anyone with similar feet and ankles have anything to say about the fit?

  3. Most importantly: Has anyone had occasion to “use” them in an actual crash/UPD that would have twisted your ankle? Did they do a satisfactory job saving your ankles?

Thanks for the help!


  1. They fit fine under armor.

  2. They really do work.

I like em.


i like them too.

  1. fine under armor
  2. i wear size 8.5 shoes, and have normal width feet - they fit fine, feel great.
  3. there have been a few times where i wrecked and my feet hit the ground at a odd angle. i don’t know what would have happened, but i’m not worried about it anymore.


i hated them. they were bulky and clumsey. im using one of the lace up style ones.

Yes, they are cumbersome. I got my nephew the lace-up kind, but he wants my active ankles. The lace-ups take him forever to get on and off.