couple new tricks i learned.....

i learned some new tricks and i thought i’d share 'em

So… Share 'em.

… so ???

How about both feet on the same side of the frame. So you’d have your right foot on the pedal and your left foot on top of your right foot. That’s my new skill. Learned to do it yesterday but it still needs practice to get smoother. Next step is to do it one footed.

My New Tricks:

180’s going up from pedal grabs to rubber.

And Grinding a ledge to rubber on that ledge. Its not really as bad as I originally thought but has much work to get it smooth.


doing a 180 unispin in a drop.

doing a 180 unispin on the wheel.

sideways one foot wheelwalk with one foot on the crown.

gap going from a left side grab to a right side grab.

and one i cant do yet, extreme crank idle,
start rolling forwards switching from foot on left crank to foot on right crank.

For some reason, I can’t ever do pedal grabs. Just crank grabs. I do it with my back foot towards the object, which might make it harder. But does anyone have any tips for doing a pedal grab this way?

I’ve been wondering about that…it’s sort of like a ‘forehand’ jump instead of ‘backhand’. Here’s an interesting question (for me anyway), do you find that when (if?) you land when going to rubber you have too much pressure on your back pedal? I haven’t tried pedal grabs since I learned crank grabs but when I was trying pedal grabs first I found that this was my major problem.


Blessed who R ingnorant…

I wish to learn new trick too…
?What is the function of this little red X in the squere? I did put my arrow on it in hope of revelation and nothing has happened.
Iwill be v.graefull for enlightemant.:wink:

Re: Blessed who R ingnorant…

what do you mean? it works on “My Computer”:wink:

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