County Fair

I thought this was really cool,

The other day I was at the county fair in Phoenix, Arizona. Just in time when me and my friends were about to go home I looked over just in time to see a clown hallin’ butt through crowds juggling some light up balls. Me, and one of my friends that can unicycle chased after him to try his 29’er out, as we ran along beside him yellin,“please STOP, we know how to ride it! can we please try?” In a funny clown voice he said,“you dont look like you wanna that bad!!”

He hanok off so fast on his 29er with 4" cranks. Finally he stoped at the other end of the fair he said,"OKi thing you deserve it now. He helped me on it and I took off. I think my top speed was abot 15 mph, knowing how fast Ican run, being a track and field runner I could estimate how fast Iwas going. It felt so smooth! It was SWEET. He was the coolest clown ive ever met.

that pritty much topped off the night for me.

p.s. anyone have a 29er with short cranks for speed? Ill buy it as long as its for a decent price.

can’t help you with the uni, but i too have chased people i saw on uni’s. i chased a street performer on an 8’ giraffe down river street. people must have thought i was out of my gourd.

haha, i was running as fast as i could to keep up with him!