Country Music Video with a unicycle in it!

I was watching CMT (yes I like country music) the other day and was caught by suprise when I looked up and saw a unicyclist riding around and juggling in it. Unfortunately it is a mime/clown but it’s still kinda cool. Here is the link to the video. It’s about 3/4ths into the song. The song is called “Finding my way back home” by Lee Ann Womack. Enjoy!

Somewhere out there a web development team needs to be flogged.

Gak, yes! :angry:

Not sure what you guys are complaining about, but this is what I got:

“Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Windows Media Player Plug-in for Macintosh does not support Windows DRM. If DRM support becomes available for Macintosh, CMT will develop a version of CMT Loaded that works on a Mac.”

Sucks to be me, I guess.

That’s what I was getting at. The site only works on IE on Windows. Won’t work in Opera or Firefox. Won’t work on Linux. Won’t work on Mac.

Then when you do launch it in IE it resizes the browser window.

The video itself was done well. Just a few seconds of unicycling and juggling. The unicyclist is idling and juggling clubs. Has clown style makeup on. Typical performer stereotypes.

The video follows a little girl riding her bike though the city. Watches the unicycle guy idle and juggle. The unicycle guy smiles at her. She claps and smiles. Then she turns around and goes home. Now if she would have passed a Coker while on her bike ride…

That’s what my problem was. Who doesn’t support Firefox anymore?! :roll_eyes: