Countries with the most unicylists

What countries have the highest per capita unicycle riders?

I presume USA.

Wouldn’t have a clue about other countries

Sure someone will clarify on here.

But what about japan where there were estimated that almost 2 million kids can ride a uni since they are taught that in school. The population of japan is around 128m so that’s probably a bit more than in the us per capita. I’ve no idea how many riders they have there though…

I heard it was Japan, but I could be wrong. Search around this forum and you’ll come up with threads about it.

My house…

Any student who I have had, from Japan, has never heard of this unicycling thing in school. I must admit that I have not had that many Japanese students, but still.

I’ve assumed the heaviest concentrations of unicyclists were in Canada and western Europe, mostly based on this forum. I wouldn’t have thought the US was among the contenders. Curious to hear if anyone has the answer.

It’s absolutely Japan. Unicycles in the vast majority of the (public?) elementary schools; the one I visited, way back in 1987, had them as playground equipment. That school had about 50 of them. So a huge amount of Japanese school kids at least get exposed to unicycles during school, and many take it farther by going to the big competitions they have, several times a year. Mostly Track racing and Freestyle. But after elementary school, the majority of Japanese stop riding, so the population of active unicyclists in Japan, at any given time, is mostly of elementary school age.

So what I’m wondering is which country is number 2? Germany is probably a contender, with huge numbers of riders (800 Germans at Unicon XVI). Their per-capita is probably higher than the US.

Setting aside the “per capita” angle. How about this question: which countries have the most familiarity with unicycles? Sounds like Japan would be #1.

In Asia it’s Unicyclastan. In Eastern Europe, Unicyclovia. South America hands down is Unicyclaguay. In Africa it’s Unicyclitorial Guinea. Interestingly every citizen of the principality of Unicyclenstein, a landlocked square acre within Luxembourg, unicycles except the resident chocolatier who is prohibited by law from having any other vocation or avocation.

:o:o:o that one made me blush … is it an unintended “double entendre” ?

I never say anything unintended unless it is intentionally so.