Countdown to RTL

I’ve decided that it’s time for a RTL countdown

Heres the countdown on their site:

so thats 223 days 17 hours 22 minutes and 14 seconds and counting!!!

:thinking: What’s RTL??? :thinking:

Ride the Lobster

Maybe follow that link and you’ll find out :slight_smile:

Are there any Australian teams?

1) Ohhh, cause it just said “I’ve decided that it’s time for a RTL countdown” b4 it was edited. :smiley:
2) Quite possibly. :smiley:

Ride The Lobster is gonna be awesome. There’s a chance I may there be there to help film the race. I am very excited at the prospect of seeing Nova Scotia for the first time at such a grand uni event.

Good luck to all the riders!

haha I am moving there sometime before the race, probably mid May. What better training area could I have then the course itself?

I might have to change my user name as I wont be in Saskatchewan…nar I will always be a Sasky wherever I live.:smiley:

Man, if I had a coker, I’d be right onto RTL.
But as it happens, I don’t have one yet and it’ll be a while before I get one. I needz to save. :frowning:
If this becomes an annual event, I would be very happy.

…'nuff said :wink:

Sorry mate, the NZ Team would eat you for lunch!

Not if they were eaten for breakfast first.

Ooh, fighting talk…

Ouch! :o

Good comeback!

I can see lot’s of lobster shells lining the road in Nova Scotia

If the bears don’t get you first :smiley: GO BEARS, GO !!!