Countdown to NAUCC 2006

Two weeks from today, the North American Unicycling Championships and Convention get underway.

If you have not already seen the NAUCC website, be sure to take a look. Find lots of information about NAUCC and the Memphis area.

Questions?? Post them here or contact Tommy Thompson, Be sure to put NAUCC in the subject line.

The Memphis Unicycle Club is looking forward to seeing everyone in Memphis.

We must be doing a really good job of posting information on the NAUCC website. We have not been getting many questions. If you have questions, let us know.

Tommy is jumping through hoops, tying down lastminute details. Other volunteers are putting the finishing touches on things. Members of the Memphis Unicycle Club are really getting excited about delivering the final product to all NAUCC participants.

The weather forecast for the next week is very reasonable for this time of year. Hopefully, that will carry through to July 5.

Only 6 more days. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at NAUCC.


It definitely looks like it will be the best NAUCC ever… with a very good amount of ALL the unicycling styles being on the schedule. Wow, it’s coming up quick and the push is on to be ready for all the fun events.

I’m actually giddy :frowning:


im a little nevous no one will like me. forrest said not to be…but like adults sometimes dont like me. whatever though.

tell me a funny joke while we’re there, and that will buy you a week’s worth of me liking you :slight_smile:

but oh boy, if i’ve already heard that joke :angry:

Keep an eye on the bulletin board at the St. George’s School gym. We hope to squeeze in a “ chat room”. Meet and greet the people with all the funny forum names. We will post a note for the time and where to meet.

what a great idea.

i think you guys have this all figured out!

We will all be there for the same purpose so we will all have something in common. If, on your first day there, you don’t meet and make friends or talk with someone, don’t be discouraged. Sometimes it takes a while to get to know people (speaking for myself anyway).

Unicyclists are a good bunch of people. Come with the attitude that you will meet some good people and make some friends while you are in Memphis. That is one of the best things about an activity like this, the new people you meet and the new friends you make.

One of the best ways to get to know new people is to participate in the events. Any events. Competitive events or fun events.

Umm, Brian, Chosen said…

So he wasn’t talking about you, eh?

Hmmm, I see, well, I hope they like ME then :slight_smile:

The minivan is getting an oil change, unicycles their final tweekings. We are all excited to get to Memphis in six more days! This will be my first NAUCC. My wife and two boys were at Bowling Green last year and I’ve been warned not to expect too much sleep!

The post Amanda started for pictures of BUC attendees was great. Is there a similar thread for the NAUCC?

No. Not yet anyway. Tell me about it.

Here is a link to the BUC picture thread:

Abby and I are pumped!

Spent a good part of yesterday going through all the equipment we need to bring. Uni’s, hydration, pads, helmets, etc.

Looks like it is going to be hot for the outdoor events!

Be sure to start with clean Leg and Arm Armor, with the predicted heat, it is going to get skanky enough without starting skanky!

A “Faces Thread” would be good.

Despite some of the scary pictures on Amanda’s thread, ( :roll_eyes: ) I have started our own “Faces of NAUCC 2006” thread. Post your photos so we know who you are.


That’s not hot, that’s normal riding temperatures for anybody except the wimps from the chilly & rainy northwest :wink: :roll_eyes:

and north north :frowning:

I’m from the twin cities, MN and am looking to carpool out to NAUCC. Anyone have an extra spot in their car or anyone looking for a spot? I have a mustang convertible and might have to drive down all by myself so it’d be nice to have someone with me, not only to save on gas but to have some company as well. PM me if you have a spot or need a spot. If coming from a different state we could possibly try meeting somewhere along the way?