Countdown to Mondo 09 Thread (St. Paul, Minnesota)

Info on Mondo here

Yes, only 21 days until Mondo starts.

I cannot wait.


Its gonna be so fun! :smiley:

I will be coming on the 21st, dont know when, hopefully make it by 11am-12pm or so. Hey, Jon (atwell), PM me your cell number, cause i wanna hook up with you guys once i’m there.

Micheal and peter, you better show up. I’ll definitely have my video camera and put out a video.

Hope to see you there!

oh also, someone snag me a t shirt when it opens, i wanna buy one, but I’m not the pre-registering type person. I’ll pay $15 for it, cause i know its like 10 pre paid, and 12 at the door, but normally when i come there isnt one to be found. Mens Medium if you can.


Mondo deserves every bump.

Mondo, it means big.

19 days until mondo.

woop woop.


whos all coming?

I’m coming, it will be really fun. I’m leaving in 2 weeks.

thanks for bumpin the thread dude. Cant wait to see you, and see jon/matt and everyone again. Gonna be so sick!

I’ll have to find a place for all my crap though… Ive got soem camera equip and my riding gear that i’m bringing.

I’m really busy that weekend, I’ll probably do something on Sunday. I’m not registered or anything.


6 days. 161 hours

mondo is next weekend! WOOP WOOP!

Hey Graham, I can pick you up a shirt. My cell # is on FB and I’ll be hanging with Jon and other peoples.

Thanks, but its not needed, Jon’s getting me a shirt.

Dude i’m stoked to see you guys, and some of you guys again.

gonna be soooo fun.

i even bought some new tapes for the day :wink:

woooo i’m going today.

leaving the house in a half hour or less, and then about an hours drive down there, then unicycling. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY


I didnt buy video tapes for nothing.


i’ll have some more stocker footage probably too.

Thats what I was saying, and telling Bri.

Better come back with you doing those big ups that weve heard so much about.

I couldn’t/can’t make it at all this weekend. I have tons of homework, 3 projects, honor band stuff in Mankato, church musical…of course the weekend of Mondo is like the busiest weekend I’ve had this whole school year…:frowning: :angry: