Countdown Sale, Photo of the week and contest

Hey all, I know for most people who live in the northern hemisphere its getting close to winter. For many people in Canada this means the start of the “off” season. While this might be true for many things in the sport there are still a ton of things happening at , being Canadians we aren’t phased by a little cold weather and rain, after all we do live in igloos and arm wrestle polar bears on a regular basis.

I am not sure if anyone noticed but is having a “Countdown Sale”. What happens is that every weekday the price drops until the item is sold out. The longer you wait the more money comes off, however the more you risk there being no stock left. For example right now you can get a Kris Holm 2009 24" unicycle for 495 dollars! The best part is those are real dollars (Canadian).

There is also a photo of the month contest happening at through univision (in the top right hand menu). All you have to do is create a profile and then post a good video or picture on univision and you are automatically entered into this contest. Its that simple! There are some great prizes to be won (check out univision for more details)

Finally, I have decided to run a Photo of the Week on my Factory Team Blog: While there are no prizes to be won for this one, I will be highlighting what I feel is a great picture of unicycling every week. I will be focusing on the west coast of canada I would be happy to highlight any and all photos of quality from any Canadian riders.

If you want to send me your photo for the Photo of the Week, please send me, Bryan Corry, your picture via univision: and I will try to put it up (please note I won’t be able to use all photos sent to me). I really would love to show the talent and style of canadian riders, we have some of the best riding and most beautiful places to ride and this is the place to show it to the world!

Anyways I am off for a post Halloween ride at a local beach.

Bryan Corry