could you help me? I'm still pretty green.

I think I may have done a trick yesterday, but I do not know if it was a real trick, and if it was, what it was called. I was hopping a few inches off of the ground. Then I jumped higher. While in the air, I kept my feet on the pedals and rode a half revolution and landed and rode off. If that made any sense, could someone tell me if I did something there, or if I am just being naive? thanks for any response!

I remember I did that a few months ago, I dont know if it is a trick though.
But I was pretty happy when I landed it. :slight_smile:

thats a pretty cool trick idea :slight_smile: ive never seen it before but its probably been done :sunglasses:

I think I’ve seen it before, I was just wondering what it was called.

You did a half rev.

okay, thank you.