Could This Contraption Be Modified?

I was browsing Instagram and saw this contraption…Anyone have any idea what it is? :thinking:
It got me wondering if the design could me modified, to make a cool looking uni? :roll_eyes:


Looks to be a standard hubless wheel with a training wheel on back.
Remove the training wheel, put a good seat on and you would be able to ride away. It would be expensive, slow and heavy, but you could ride it.

There are hubless wheels that you can ride inside, called Monowheels. I don’t know that I’ve seen one in unicycle form, but it is possible. There would certainly be edge inertia for the gyroscopic procession to keep your up.

Looks cool, like the penny farthing for the 21st century.

I can’t see that it steers. Might be an all-show, no-go type of thing.

But if it has a fixed gear, all you would need is a hacksaw to “modify” it into a super-cool looking unicycle. :slight_smile:

Plus some magic to turn the seat the right way once that’s done… :smiley:

That’s a pretty cool gyroscopic pennyfarthing…:):smiley: whats the price tag, a few grand at least? Would love to ride it if my short legs allow:D
I wouldnt modify a thing.

That’s the original pic I took a screen-shot of, including the description along the bottom.
Hope that helps you find out more about it :slight_smile: