Could this be a street uni?

Ok so my friend has this
and he’s getting into street and he absolutely loves the tire but the hub on his uni is very weak and the cranks are on the virge of twisting. Is there a splined hub out there that will fit on the frame? thank you.

You probably wouldnt want that for street, its not very manuverable, the rim is weak, its more of a novelty uni. I dont think you can put a splined hub in that because you would need a really wide hub to lace into the rim. The frame is probably too wide also to fit normal bearings.

Yup, that wheel is all show and not meant to be pounded on. The axle and cranks are just basic stuff so the same basically applies to them as well. Keep it for cruising and get a separate one for Trials. Otherwise that one will be damaged, and eventually you’ll have to get a separate one for Trials anyway.

that’s what I thought. I’ll tell him tomorrow.

Street unicycles are PREFERABLY very menouverable and light so you can zip around.

How about this for a street unicycle?

That unicycle isn’t particulary strong although I hear they are a very big seller in Germany.

They would be good for unispins and rougher flatland though. I believe its the hub that is weaker than most…I think.


I think is more a street unicycle then to try it as a trials as you can see here.

Read under where it says “plastic platform pedals” :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile:

i currently got this

and im thinking i want to get into trials, what should i do to upgrade this into a trials unicycle

^I’ve got one of them. They’re not really suitable for trials really…

You can either buy a few things for it (mainly a tyre and rim) or simply buy a new unicycle and keep that one laying around.

Since trials unicycles are pretty expensive, if you wanted to just spend a little and upgrade that unicycle, you need a new tyre and rim (a rim to hold the tyre) at the very least.

RECOMMENDED things (anything that’s for trials unicycles will do on really)


It’s tops £50 but it’s important to remember that that setup is not invincible. It’ll break when you start doing bigger stuff it’s going to break eventually.

PM me if you have any questions or just post :slight_smile:

Hmmm, that’s interesting… It’s hard to find a balance for street unicycles, strength or menouverability.

Well if you’re willing to spend, it’s simply KHU. Street trials doesn’t matter, it only takes alittle bit of getting use to. If nothing else the most important thing is the splined hub or something like that (New model of KHU). The size of the tire is important but not so much as the hub. You’ll only bend the rim if YOU land wrong, the hub will break no matter how you land if it’s at a certain hight (that’s not having the splined hub). Street on the other hand, the hub is most important again since with a smaller wheel thickness you could actually do nice unispins with quick flips. But I would consider it more for tech street and anything small than a 4 set. Unless your tire is filled like mad.

-Shaun Johanneson