Could the Wii improve your bc skills

I don’t own a Wii and never will but I was thinking could the Wii balance board help someone learn the bc wheel because you can train yourself how to stand without changing you center or gravity.

Maybe… But when you are on a BC you are moving and then it is much easier.

I don’t really think so. It’s a game where you stay in a static postion and shift the majority of your weight one way or the other. It’s made so a family could use it.

I like the wii idea in general, I just don’t like how they’re labeling it as a way to get healthy and fit playing video games.


The Wii Balance Board might help develop your balance in general, but seeing as it doesn’t throw you on the ground when you’re even slightly off balance I don’t think it significantly relates to riding a BC wheel.

Ok thanks the idea just came to me.