Could it get any worse?

I’ve got an unexpected free evening… and a modified seat to try out… but
it’s raining! And is down too… it’s as if the world is out
to get me!

What’s going on with the site? It was slow this morning, whinged about low
memory and now doesn’t seem to respond at all… the symptoms of being
DoSed? Here’s a big “GRRRRR!!!” to whoever is stopping me from my usual

/me wishes there was more I could do to help than buy t-shirts and hit the
“donate” button when the site comes up again…

Phil, just me

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Re: Could it get any worse?

It was only down for a short period. It just crashed due to some memory issues that I’ll have to figure out how to reduce.

Current memory: 514640K used, 2556K free
Not very good at the moment.

Is it special RAM? A 512 Meg stick is somewhere around 50 to 60 dollars in the generic variety (PC133). Maybe an upgrade is in order. I’m sure there are enough of us to help.

Yeah, and the server is already maxed out. A lot more memory is being used than should be, so I need to figure out what’s hoggin it all and how to reduce the use of it.

Aaah, back to normal! Thankyou!

Phil, just me

I think I might have found the cause and implimented a solution for that. The problem was that too many people are downloading the huge 132 MB mUNIac video that was posted in the gallery and is available at The Apache web server isn’t very good at handling large files as far as memory is concerned, so too many downloads resulted in high memory usage on the server. The solution for this is to move that file to an FTP server, which is good at transfering big files. Of course I made it seamless where the end user will probably not notice anything different and can click and download it easily as normally done, so download away (while I monitor the server).

I was having trouble getting on real early this morning. I figured it was that file that was hammering the server.

Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Just thought I’d let you know.


More on the subject. When I had my first unicycle, a 24" United, I was waiting for a rare Miyata seat. They were extemely hard to find at the time, and I think less than 5 were available for sale. I finally found one and placed the order for it. The night before my seat came in I taco’d my wheel. I then bumped up to the United/Monty which I own now.

Re: Could it get any worse?

There’s nothing stopping you reading Usenet if
you really need a fix. No problems so far…

Re: Re: Could it get any worse?

Except that Gilby’s site is way more user friendly.

I hope that guy who made the video is happy to know that he crashed the site. :smiley: (Kidding, of course, I plan to check out the video some time today).