Could Anyone Help Me

Ok im am new to the whole unicycleing deal but i really like it. And i just wanted to know if the Torker Unistar LX 20-inch 2006 model is a good choice to start off with, im like 6’ 1" and 180lbs. this will be my second uni but i only used the first for like a week and it is like 20 years old so its is preety beat up and the seat is killin me.

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As for the torker lx 20" it is a great unicycle. Very strong considering the fact that its not splined and it’ll take alot of the stuff you can throw at it. However for your hieght i recomend the 24" model for comfort.


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i’ve heard the torker LX 20" is pretty good, but yeah definatly go for the 24"

I asked Andrew Carter the same question

2.5 weeks ago, i weigh the same as you, and i am 6’2, he suggested GP20" , and it is heaven, very comfy and tough looking, $500 AU,