Cotterless or Splined (non-ISIS) hub with cranks

Hi guys,

I again ask around for old and dusty parts you might not use.

This time, it is for a hub (cotterless or splined but NOT ISIS) that would be in good shape with the cranks (if possible – otherwise either the cranks only or hub only are interesting too).

As usual, we can workout a trad or tell me your price (don’t hesitate to look at the link several times as I am updating the page slowly with new parts).

Thanks for taking the time to look around in your garage/basement/unicycle-cave :smiley:


Bump in case somebody found a hub set and want to contribute to a unicycle restoration (for a trade or at decent price).

Bump for hope (can be the name of a charity event :smiley: :smiley: :D)

Bump for a Xmas miracle ;o))