cotterless cranks

hey everyone,
i have a savage 24 inch uni and have a problem.
the left crank is bent like no other.

Can i just order a normal cotterless crank on UDC?

Also, which ones would u suggest?

(looking for 125’s or lower)
im using the uni for racing slash cruising

If you mean to race in a competition, the minimum crank size is usually 125mm. For just-fun racing I’d go shorter. The Qu-Ax cranks at are really nice, and inexpensive! If you plan to change them a lot, go for steel ones though. Delicate threads on alloy cranks can get chewed up if you change them a lot.

thanx, but its just casual racing.
how short should i go because the races are like up and down a basketball court and the turn is crucial

For something small like a basketball court you might want to stick with the 125s or maybe a little shorter, like 114 or 110. I use 102s when I race my 29" wheel (in unlimited races where it’s legal). But I’ve done my fastest Obstacle Course times (lots of turns around cones) with 140s on a 24".

140s on the obstacle course??? does that help?!

This is something new, maybe I should use 140s on the obstacle course…

19.85 seconds, boy-eee! No longer the record, but was before Unicon 11…