Cotterless cranks. . .

Ok, so here’s the deal. I’ve been riding now for about 4 months, and am totally in love with trials and freestyle riding. My torker dx has been holding up well these past 3 weeks, but a buddy of mine, the one kid who i ride with on a campus of 10,000 people, got a nimbus 20", and has been doing trials with it, after getting some pedals with pins.
Unfortunately, but expectedly, one of his crank arms bent when i was trying the new pedals hopping three stairs. I am wondering if anyone would happen to know where he could get some decent, cotterless, 125mm cranks that will last a bit longer and cost a bit less than the Dotek machined cranks?
I guess i’m also asking if anyone knows much about the Nimbus X or the Bicycle Euro cranks.

  On a side note, he scared me today cause he said "you know, i really can't even notice the crooked crank anymore!"
               Thank you!

i have tried both the BEs and the nimbus Xs. i like the nimbus xs much more but many like it the other way around. so i think you are good with either. but if it was up to me, id get the nimbus x.

edit: i misread the post, sorry

Re: Cotterless cranks. . .

When I rode with Tony Melton down in NZ, his uni had some seriously crooked cranks. They were some steel cranks that were shortened and welded back together. At first I had a real hard time adjusting. But after a while I barely noticed it.


Thanks for the help muniracer!