Cotterless Cranks are Crap !

Look At my video ! Here it is LOL

That is not at all surprising. What did you think would happen?


Ok, for someone who knows not much about bike/unicycle parts, what does Cotterless mean?

Also damn dude, you need some new music, get some Boris into you.

Cottorless, also known as square taper, refers to the crank/hub interface. It’s an older design that is not as durable as the ISIS crank interface. Cottorless cranks are made for general riding and are not meant to take abuse from drops and tricks. Generally, they are made of softer and thinner metal, but are usually inexpensive compared to ISIS cranks. If used as they are intended, square taper cranks will last many years.

The cottorLESS refers to an even older type of crank, which used cottor pins to secure the crank to the hub.

To underscore this point, it should be noted that tens of thousands of kilometers have been put on cotterless setups without failure. A little maintenance (making sure your bolts are tight) goes a very long way.

I’ve only got a few thousand kilometers on my Coker w/ UDC ultra-wide hub, but I suspect I can easily put a few thousand more with no issues. I even take my Coker offroad on occasion… I just don’t do stupid things on it.

Edit: Your video isn’t even a failure of the cotterless interface! You could’ve seen the same failure mode on an ISIS setup if the cranks were made of the same material in the same dimensions…

It always bothers me to hear “cotterless” cranks/hubs. There’s a history there, so the naming made sense. Sure, when the norm goes missing, “less” is often used…
a lifeless, soulless, toothless, homeless person
sugarless candy

But when the norm changes, it no longer makes sense.
The only example I can think of is the horseless carriage.
Even great grandma doesn’t call a car a “horseless carriage”.

When are we going to stop calling square tapered cranks “cotterless”?

Have you brought your case to UDC?

We’re waiting to get a rise out of you a few more times. Once you’re over it, we’ll be over it too :slight_smile:

I agree. We should switch to “cottorfree.” I’d rather have FREEDOM than have LESS.

Maybe the homeless person you’re referring to is actually home-free?

I’m currently working with Andy Rooney on it.
So far we have… "Do you ever wonder why they call cotterless cranks “cotterless”?

It will be a cold day in hell. :angry:

yupp i brought a isis nimbus rim and isis nimbus cranks and maxxis creepy crawler tyre from UDC:D

You’ll need a hub too. Square taper cranks are not designed for drops and tricks, when you bought the unicycle it would have stated this.

+1000 this didn’t have to do with the interface, it had to do with stressing a crank more than it was designed to. Not that you shouldn’t run isis for street riding. . .

Cotterless cranks (more specifically axles/hubs) are not crap, they’re just not as strong as splined ones. Most of my unicycles have cotterless axles, including my first several MUnis and my old Trials uni. That’s what was available at the time. My Cokers both had cotterless and I rode them everywhere.

Wait a second, I’m clipping in to my clipless pedals. There. Now what were you saying? :smiley:

cotterless is ok for distance riding and … ^^
but it sucks for trial,street,flatland,muni,… !!
is it just not strong enough xD in the past I had a 29" with cotterless hub and cranks, but I broke 2-3 pair of cranks + the hub… than I switched to isis :slight_smile:

i just watched this now. i have taken my old street uni of drops up to 3 and a half feet and they never bent up untill recently when i had the nerve to go a bit bugger and bent them so they almost touch the spokes…also broke my seat :frowning:

umm yeah it was a drop about 3 ft ish so i didn really expect the to brake :L

they were weak cranks, 3ft is fairly big on those cranks… that drop in the video wasnt 3 ft :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha i know it wasnt :smiley: but i didn break it on that lol :smiley:

might as well indulge in a little resurrection myself :slight_smile:

A week ago I broke the hub on the gym uni, 24" Qu-ax beginner wheel. It has been around for a long time, I among other people learnt to ride on it .

I was hopping at the time…

Anyway when we were looking at it we couldn’t help but see that using a bolt drilled into the hub has to be a weaker method than threading the end of the hub and using a nut to retain the crank… :roll_eyes:

Currently looking for a new hub. :o