Cotter pin tool wanted.

I’m looking for a tool that removes the cotters from the cranks. Park tool used to sell them but they quit selling them. Thanks for the help.

Urm… can you not use a hammer gently? (I thought that’s what Idid…but it was a while ago).

Thanks. I could do it with a hammer but am looking for the tool.

is it some sort of screw-action puller? I’ve only seen them removed with a soft-faced hammer, and then a pin punch if needs be.

Isn’t that tool called a hammer?

I’m with the others - always used to use a hammer when I had cottered cranks on bikes (with the crank supported on a block of wood so it doesn’t bugger up the bottom bracket bearings). I thought everybody did… didn’t know there was a special tool available.

Is this the type of thing you mean?


I recently assembled an Indian bicycle and made my own cotter press as shown here:

It’s the two blue bars and two bolts, if that helps.
To use it, you have to insert appropriate spacers (ie, oversized nuts). It seems to have done the job.
I started with a $5 crowbar, then used about $15 worth of drill bits to drill those holes, as that crowbar was fairly hard and the bits were fairly not hard. Those are grade 8 bolts 3/8, which you can torque down pretty good. It’s long enough to fit completely around the crank, with the bolt nearest the cotter actually doing most of the work.

I also remember seeing a post somewhere (on bike forums) about people using an automotive tool on these. It was some sort of little clamp-like tool that cost $10 or so. Maybe ball-joint-remover or something of the sort. I haven’t tried it myself.

(Edit: Found 'em:

Thanks for the input. I am actually looking for something to set the cotter pins on my high wheel. I really don’t like pounding them with a hammer.

Well… you could gently hit them in with a rubber mallet combined with block of wood?