costom coker frame design help

hi folks
i’m looking at making my own coker frame using the new nimbus super wide isis hub
i attached a screen shot

some simple details
-the bearing holders extend into the frame where they get welded to the frame
-the whole thing is aluminum the legs (i change some parts color and opacity to make it easier to understand)
-the seat post comes over the top bar to give it more room to weld and cus i like how it looks
-all square tube is 1inX1in
i still need to lighten stuff up and the legs made get drilled out with .5 holes to make it lighter

later i put up and IDW with dimension and better res but i have to go to class so bye

How tall are you?

Sharp corners at the top of coker frames might be a problem if you’re not tall - I know on the Schlumpf 36 frames loads of people didn’t like them for this reason. Also, making it with the 1" tubing means it’ll have to be very wide at the top too (at least 5" wide).

Also, with the bit sloping in to make your tubing the right width for your bearing holders, is there any advantage to doing that, rather than just making the tube the same width as the bearing holder all the way up, like most frames do?

What advantages does the square tubing have, or is it just what you have easy access to?


ok good to hear

i’m short so i better try making that top bit skinner

the reson i like square tube is cus it really easy to mill and i don’t need to make any jigs

btw the TA tire says it’s 2.25 but how much clearance do it need like maybe 3/8 on either side

the square crown will probably hit your legs and bother you when you ride.