cost to get a wheel built

the tittle says it all. how much does it cost to get a wheel built.

Why don’t you call your local bike shop and ask them? It’s probably more than $20 and less than $70. It all depends on the going rate where you live and the specifics of the wheel you want built.

i had the hub and the rim

cos me £20 for ew spokes and a rebuild

It’s always a good idea to get on first-name-terms and casual-conversation-terms with the staff at your LBS. I’m so friendly with mine that they knock 20% off whatever I buy.
A wheel build costs around £10 - £15.
Roughly double that for dollars.

my dad is like really good friends with the owner, someone my mom works with husband works there, and i know almost everyone there anyways

Free minus the cost of spokes. Do it yourself courtesy of Sheldon Brown.

ntappins link to Sheldon Brown is by far the best how-to of wheel building

Yeah, you should really look in to learning how to build your own wheels, its a great skill, If you dont wanna do it to your uni rim, I’m sure you have a old rim from a bike you can practice on.

If you go to your LBS to get it built, ask them questions, and tips on how to do, they will probably tell you, and really watch what they are doing, then that will help you when you are learning to build your own wheel.

yea, i really think learning how to build ur own wheel is a great idea. ive built 2 wheels before and i just used old bicycle rims. its not hard to do and its a cheaper alternative.

Building wheels is a great skill. In NZ it costs $80 or so to get a wheel built, so i decidid to learn. That way it only costs $36 for spokes. It’s really not that hard if you follow the instructions in the link earlier.
And unless you’ve been in the Bike scene for a while in your city it’s hard to tell if a bike mechanic is even any good.

Thanks. I think I will probably just build my own