Cost of Unicon

I was just curious to how much it costs to attend and perticipate in the events at Unicon. Keeping in mind that I probably will not have enough money for a plane flight to Japan anytime soon I better start saving now if I want to go.

So how much do the events normally cost. (how much were they this year in Washington)??

I’m not a member of anything. Would I have to join something to go?


As i recall (someone else please correct me if i’m wrong) you have to be a member of the U.S.A. and it’s $50 for non-competor and $75 for competor. If youare just watching then that’s free.

For UNICON, you do not need to be a USA member. You should be a member anyway, though, if you live in the USA or have no national organization where you live. Or start one.

Meanwhile, it’s too early to say the cost for UNICON XII. Regardless, registration will be a drop in the bucket compared to getting there, sleeping there, and eating there. The JUA estimated the room & board at the facility in Akita would come out to about 5800 yen per day, which is around $50 US. Not bad for Japan.

Add to that your airfare, and whatever the registration costs will be a pretty minor expense, whatever it turns out to be. Start saving up, it’s worth it!

good idea

It will cost you even less if you dont bring unicycles, but instead bring “performance equiptment”

The actual UNICON 11 registration fees were:

  • Competitors (before March 31): $70 US
  • Late competitors (April 1 - July 1): $$80 US
  • Very late competitors (July 1 and later): $90 US
  • Non-competitors: $50 US
  • Spectators: Free

All registration fees are set by the local organizing committee. Fo UNICON 12, this will be a group established under the auspices of the Japan Unicyling Association (JUA). As John Foss said, the cost of registration for UNICON 12 is sure to be insignificant as compared to the cost of travel, lodging, food and incidentals.

I join John Foss in urging the originator of this thread and all other non-members of the Unicycling Society of America who frequent this forum to go to, download an application and join us today. We need your talents and enthusiasm as we go forward to build our sport.

Tom Daniels
President, Unicycling Society of America
Secretary / Treasurer, International Unicycling Federation
Event Director, NAUCC 2002 and UNICON 11

One can’t really compare Washington state, US from Virginia, US to Japan from Virginia, US. However, this might help you compare.

I spent $50 a night at el Cheapo motel in Snoqualmie - so that’s pretty close to what our Japanese friends say we would spend in Japan.

Disregarding airfare (my mother works for AA, so I got quite a deal), I spent almost exactly $500 for 5 days, 4 nights at UNICON. The motel was $200. Before I left I went to an ATM and got the max daily withdrawal, $300. Somehow, $300 ended up being the perfect number. When I left Seattle I had barely enough money to “tip” the baggage claim guy (so he wouldn’t call my luggage a Unicycle), and get a very small lunch, and that was the end of the $300. I love how well that worked out.

So, I guess if you budget $100 a day, plus a little extra for wiggle room, you can end up with a fairly comfortable stay. I wasn’t skimping, but I wasn’t throwing money around. I ate well, I had a good time in Seattle and enjoyed the trip.

Now, should we count the other $300 I spent buying my trials Yuni immediately after getting back home?

Cost of Unicon

I found this map of Japan.

Akita is about 300 miles due north of Tokyo.

Maybe they meant South Akita…anyone…please?

$50 a night would be very nice - it could make the difference between possible and not possible for me.


I also found this very handy worldwide currency converter, with the latest exchange rates.

I converted 5800 Yen into several currencies, based on the typical cash rate (what you get at a bank, not what banks get from each other).

So, as of today:

5,800 Yen =

31.656 GBP
50.351 US$
49.720 Euro
78.789 Can$
89.202 Aus$
101.468 NZ$
60,521.402 S.Korean Won

… and if you’re exchanging gold, you’ll need 0.157 oz./night.

Sorry, there were only rates for precious metals, so if you’re saving beer cans, you’ll have to convert them to your local currency first for an accurate reading.


Well, I checked on the web, and there seems to be an Akita Prefecture, and its capital city, Akita City; the same one on the map above (north of Tokyo). Here are some info links for Akita City (I’m presuming this is the same Akita that is to be the site of UNICON XII).
Akita City Tourist Guide

Akita Prefecture Information Site

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gluteous maximus wrote…
>> -originally posted by nbrazzi:-
>> * Maybe they meant South Akita…anyone…please?*
>Well, I checked on the web, and there seems to be an Akita Prefecture,
>and its capital city, Akita City; the same one on the map above (north
>of Tokyo). Here are some info links for Akita City (I’m presuming this
>is the same Akita that is to be the site of UNICON XII).
>‘Akita City Tourist Guide’ (
>‘Akita Prefecture Information Site’

Akita is one possibily among several. Julian Money and Javier Ruiz know the
facilities since that is where the World Games Unicyle Convention was held.
I think this is the facility they have in mind if Unicon XII is to be in Akita.
A very good faclity.

Regards, Jack Halpern
President, The CJK Dictionary Institute, Inc. Phone: +81-48-473-3508

OH! I thought the convention would be in Tokyo, which is why I was worried when Gluteous said Akita (accomodations) were 300 miles away. That’s a completely different story if everything is in Akita.

Unless one wants to see Tokyo, that could be a problem.

Cost of Unicon

Why? It’s only a triple century. As long as you bring a Coker… and if they decide to split Unicon over two weekends… :smiley: