Correcting bad habbits

When I learned to unicycle my parents bought me a cheap one. It was great and got the job done, and shortly after I upgraded to a better one. But when i learned on the cheapy its wheel was off center, forcing me to twist my uper boddy to the right to atain better balance.

Now with my new one, it is built much better and does not have this problem. But I am still twisting and it is getting frustrating.

are there any suggested ways to fix this bad habbit?

Ride miles and miles, challenging yourself to try more and more difficult stuff, faster and faster. Never fails.

Maybe try taking your old unicycle, turning the seat around and swapping the cranks to the opposite sides and riding it like that for a while.

It should force you to correct in the opposite direction that you were used to and hopefully balance you out.

Or just take your new uni and ride and ride and ride till you are no-longer twisted.

I have been riding for 22 years, and I’m as twisted as they come…

does twisting have any bad effects on your back or what you can do?

It’s good that you’re conscious of the way you’re riding. It’s better than doing it subconsciously and not knowing what’s wrong with your posture. Since people normally twist to the side they’re turning, you might want to try concentrating on turning against your twist. That’d force you to untwist yourself just to make the turn. Gradually decrease the angle of your turn and when you’re finally sort of, kind of riding straight, you’re there.

Good luck on that.

Come play uni basketball with us in Berkeley. You’ll be so focused on the game that you won’t notice your skills improving.

when is the basket ball? and thanks for the advice

See for directions and to get on our mailing list; our big game is on Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley, but we’re about to start up a regular Thursday game as well.