$$$ correct me if im wrong? $$$

didnt the CF plate used to be $48 dollars?


Wow. That’s a hell of a price jump!
However, the Miyata seat with seatpost use to be $48.
The CF plate was priced at $56

no kidding!i wish i could edit my review,its still a good product but not so “worth the money” as i said 8 months ago.

Well, they proport to average 20-30 shipments per day, with $650,000 in sales and over 4000 cycles in 2001 -25% growth from the previous year. From what I understand, this year has been even better. At some point, they have to decide, do we want to grow again? Do we want to increase in volume, and deal with all that that entails? They may be finding the sweat spot between volume and revenue.

Then again, their supplyer may have increased the price he sells them at, and that cost is being passed on to the consumer; someone may have decided that storing carbon in the fridge and pulling parts on the week end wasn’t fun anymore- so brought the price up to what was worthwild for them to keep producing them.

That is quite a jump though… too bad it wasn’t accompanied by an improvemnet in design. Would-be manufacturers should see the price hike as an opertunity.


Or they could be encouraging the purchase of another product… such as a new seat that just came out on the market?

now that would just be wrong.

Of course you could always order one in from the UK, price is US $51 plus postage.