Correct Length Coker Spokes? Stainless Steel?

I’m looking to build a Coker wheel with UDC Coker hub and Airfoil rim. I tried searching to get info, but didn’t get all the facts i need. I think this is a subject that needs concise complete information. Thus the new thread.(assuming there isn’t one already that i missed).

*So, what is the correct length spoke for 4 cross (is that the best lace?)
*What are the best spokes? - Tommy Miller?
*Where is a source for such spokes?

Thanks for any and all help on this subject.

Although i know nothing about the subject, i can do you one out of three answers, UDC spoke calculator says 378.28mm but feel free to play with it yourself to check all the parameters are correct.

I talked to Tom Miller recently about spokes for a friend. He says 4x 14 3/4". If you have unlimited free dialing, you might want to give him a call and discuss. He can provide the spokes cut to any length you like.


Here is a thread where we discussed this issue awhile back.