correct Coker cadence

The very trustworthy Mark ( writes:
>The math used in this thread to compare cadence/speed for the Coker tire
>is incorrect. At 10mph the cadence is 94(approx).
>I have tried to count while riding but I don’t care for that method.
>I prefer to let my cycle computer do that for me. All I care about tho
>is avg speed for the entire day. I don’t try to “max” out much since I
>broke my collar bone.
Sorry about my earlier error – I believe I had 116 in my mind because
that’s about a 5-minute mile, which is 12mph, not 10mph. So my numbers
were about 20% too high. I hope no one suffered any problems bc of my
mistake here – like knocking themselves out on windsprints.
Anyway, I think that 94 is a bit too low – I get more like 95 or 96 for

See bottom for a revised chart.

Skurland wrote:
>Naw… 20 mph times 1760 yards/mile times 1 hour/60 minutes divide by 1

>wheel diameter divide by pi equals 187 revolutions, not 232
– yeah, again, my math made sense to only me. And even then it didn’t
make much sense.

>A tenth of a mile is 176 yards, 176/pi = 56 revs. So ten miles is about

>5600 revs. Divide by 60 and you get 93 revs/minute = 10 mph, and to go a

>mile an hour faster add 9.3 revs/minute.
Actually, I often measure a 1/10 mile as measured by the cycle computer
AND fractional mile markings on the bike bath. I get 57-58 revs for a 1/10
mile, not 56. This is likely due to wobble and a few other little factors.
But a mile is definitely not 5600 revs – it’s about 150 more, which adds
up a bit.

Here is a revised chart:
> Cadence chart:
> Revs/minute Speed (approx) in mph
96 10
105 11
116 12
125 13
135 14
144 15
154 16
163 17
173 18
182 19
192 20

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