Corpus Christi, Texas

does anyone else on the forums ride here, I started a thread a while back, but i don’t really want to revive it.
There is kind of a club here, a few guys (2-4) get together on sunday nights and go riding. It would be awesome to find some more people to ride with.

i live near dallas but if i ever go down ill ride with you deffinately. :slight_smile:

awesome, i have a few friends that are not on the fora that would like to ride w/ you if I am unavailable.

how often do you end up here?

my grandparents live in Dallas, so nexttime I come up there maybe we could ride.

hmmm, i would want to ride, but its something like an 8? hour drive!
I don’t go there much either

lol, nvmind…

it would be cool to plan a Texas uni meet thing.

this sounds stupid but we go through corpus on my field trip to sa antonio this year. maybe you can “accidentally” meet up some where. but its during school hours. man maybe this summer i can convince my parent to go down for a few days.

that would be cool, it wouldn’t be too much trouble to meet up if you knew where you were stopping … uhmm
it makes no sense that you would go an extra 400 miles to go through corpus christi, unless you go to the beach, i know someone who wants to meet me who is doing that on a choir trip

well were going on a texas history trip so 200 miles is ok :smiley: jking and i think i have a list of where were stopping but its not for like a whole 6 months till we go :sunglasses:

is anyone here for spring break?
i wanna ride I wanna ride, i wanna riide.

I live in Houston, which isnt too far away…

I am originally from Palestine, if you know where that is. I will be there this summer, it would be awesome to go riding, but that’s like 350 miles from you according to google. That blows.

anyone else coming/live here, its been a while

haha damn, I wish I had a laptop. I was in houston/houston area all this week. I was mostly riding though but next time I go down there I’ll try and meet up with one of ya’ll. BTW, I texas uni meet-up sounds good. We should definatley try and do that.


I’m up in Denton…I guess thats farther than I’d prefer to travel, but if I’m ever in the area…

shotgun location!!!
corpus christi is it!(san antonio is a pretty central location, however, i cannot say i know where to ride there.)

Awww man, I was gonna call shotgun. Naw its cool, I just hope you have as many spots as my area does b/c there are some siiick ass spots here for all sorts of riding.

actually the college in kingsville(where i go) has TOOONS of stuff like you wouldn’t believe, but its hard to ride there without getting riff from some admin that thinks its highschool or sommit.

Doesn’t seem like that would be the best area to ride at if there is a risk of getting kick off the grounds.

I live in San Antonio, but that is a little too far out I think.