corker, minimum inseam

whats the corker minumum in seam with the seat post cut, and at its lowest postion with 125 cranks, 150 cranks?


I have no idea, but I do know that it isnt called a “Corker”, its called a “Coker”. :smiley:


I’ve got a 30" inseam and ride with 150’s with no problem with the short stock Coker seatpost :slight_smile:

I have a 30 inch inseam and I was able ride a Coker with 150s and 170s.

Nathan, how tall was beau when he started riding?

a search on “coker inseam” yields a lot of data…

ive got somewear from a 26-28 inseam will this work

The inseam measurement is not a very accurate or precise measurement for determining if you’ll fit a particular unicycle. Do you take your trouser inseam? Do you measure up to your crotch? Different people are going to give you different numbers.

A more accurate measurement that they use for bike fitting is your pubic bone height. It’s less comfortable to measure than your inseam, but more accurate for the purposes of fitting a bike or a unicycle and determining approximate seat height.

Stand with your feet about 10 inches apart.
Use an object like a thinnish hard cover book and position it between your legs.
Pull up past the soft bits till you hit bone (ohhh, not very comfortable).
Keep the spine of the book level with the floor.
Have someone measure from the spine of the book down to the floor.
Repeat a couple of times and take the highest measurement.
That is your pubic bone height.

You can use a sturdy ruler or other object instead of a book.

Normally this measurement is done without your shoes on. But if trying to compare seat height for a unicycle you could use the shoes you usually unicycle in.

Here’s a webpage to supplement John’s clear explanation.

I like the description there at Precision Tandems. They get the point across that the measurement is not going to be comfortable. :slight_smile: And a picture to go along with it.

Another good description I’ve seen for the pelvic bone height measurement is in the Rivendell Bicycle Works paper catalog. A slightly different method involving two wooden rulers or paint stirring sticks. They also injected humor into the description. Unfortunately that description and the pictures are not on the web.

I’d like to see and others use the pelvic bone height (PBH) measurement when giving minimum measurements for fitting a particular size of unicycle. The traditional inseam measurements are too fuzzy and can vary too much. The inseam measurement makes it difficult for shorter people who are right on the border of fitting a particular unicycle to know if they’ll actually fit the unicycle or not. If measurements were made using the PBH then a fairly accurate table could be made to determine the necessary PBH to fit a particular unicycle.

I don’t know Beau’s inseam but he started riding a Coker a little over a year ago when he was 4’ 10" or 4’ 10 1/2". He could only use 125mm cranks comfortably. Now that he’s 5’ 2", he can use 152mm for Muni. Here is a photo of him in Jan 2004: