Corbin's Trials Course - 30th birthday movie


Post copied from my blog:

Back on April 13th I turned 30! I did a little camera filming on my trials course.

Click below to download the movie. QuickTime format, H.264 encoded, 2:41 seconds. 15.6 MB.

good video. i wish i had the supplies to build a course like that in my back yard.

You’re too smooth on that stuff; what fun is a movie without a biff reel?

Happy birthday! Sorry we missed you at the TT/crit this weekend.

Haha Tyler I was going to say the same thing you neat me to it! Yes, great setup Corbin I want to come ride there!:smiley:

Oh yeah, that is only a few of the obstacles. I need to point the camera at some of the other stuff, and the other half so people can get a better feel for what its like.


Thats cool, I wish I could make that sort of thing in my garden, I have the stuff, but my parents wont let me:(

Corbin, you make it look easy! I’ve only ever cleared a couple of those lines.

Well, I’ve had a lot of practice :slight_smile:

You’ll have to come over again after all this RTL stuff is done. (everyone is welcome!).

I filmed for 1 hour, but Louise had accidentally recorded over 25 minutes of it.


I agree. After RTL, we’ll do our own RTL: Ride The Logs. I’m sooo there!

Corbin’s biffs usually result in abrasions, contusions and lacerations… then there was that one trip to the ER… I’d prefer not to see another. :stuck_out_tongue:

I only get audio:(

You need the H.264 codec. Try Perian on the mac:

…but then again, it should work with QuickTime Mac or PC.


Nice course. I thought you were saying that the trials course was 30 years old at first :astonished: .

Quicktime says it can’t update because the software needed is not on the server

What is your system, and the exact error? I work at apple…so i’m probably one of the best people to answer q’s. But really, you can find an H.264 codec pretty easily.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I edited out most the repeat tries (more of boring falls, nothing dramatic), and I have had a lot of practice on the course. I mainly built it for Cal Muni weekend last year (2007).


Cool viddy Corbin! Happy belated B-Day!

Looks pretty good from what little I can see:o:(:o

For me it only had adio also, untill I refreshed the page. Then it would play a couple of seconds of vid, pause while continuing w/ the audio. If I paused it, you would reapear 5 or 10 sec later at that new position.

Youtube vids on this Mac play countinuously, but at a really low frame rate. I have a similar problem at the public library. All vids play beautifully at all the various computers at my college (which I wont be able to use for the next 3 wks).

Enjoyed it a lot. The quality is great!

You have a perfect control in your riding.
I think that’s the reason, why it looks so easy.
I still fail at riding trial.:o