Copying tricks

I’m wondering if its wrong to copy tricks an put them in videos of my own e.g. Thomases trick where he footplants grabs the tyre an spins it round n suicides back on, I learnt that today and would like to put it in a video that I am slowly putting together whats peoples opinion because I struggle to think of new and original tricks

Cheers Lucas

Wait, by grab the tire and spin it, do you mean to grab the tire, swing the frame backwards and around the wheel, grab the seat\seatpost and ride of SIF?

Cause i was just thinking of doing that, usually i do the frame around the tire thingy just for a fun way to dismount, and ive never seen anyone do it (closest was the guy hopping on his cranks, then jumping up and swinging the frame under him to the other side)

Well, to me if you copyied my tricks, i would mind, just put me in the credits, or a little mentioning of theperson who gave you the ideas, like at the music award things “i would like to thank…”

thats like saying if i see someone speaking spanish and i go learn spanish is that wrong. of course not…if you see a trick you like and want to put it in your vid then do it. i dont think anyone has acctually copyrighted a trick. there are people who do it really well or the person who invented it but knoone has sole rights to any trick in the book…if you like it, do it thats that.

Well Thomas isn’t the one who invented that particular trick, but I think it’s okay to copy tricks unless the person specifically asks you not to.

I learnt that trick. And i am gonna put it in my next vid.


I always thought alex toms invented that trick, his user name is tomsey so maybe thats where he got thomas from. But i might be wrong.

And i agree with trials_uni on the topic.

I don’t think it is ever copying. The only way you could be copying (in a bad way) is if you took credit for inventing it.

the thomas I was on about is french i think 15 koxx1 rider he recently posted a vid I would give you a link but i dont know where it is

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to copy other people’s tricks, as long as you don’t try to create the impression that you invented them.

If I didn’t watch other people, in videos, etc. I would never know what to do, I would have neer learned anything in the first place.

just get the name right and she’ll be apples.

its a matrix plant. you can put it in a video man.

i guess it all depepnds on how well you can do it… but its ok