Copying Kris Holm.

Today I did a 4 foot drop into a flower bed.


Take it easy on him, Unispin! Dropping into flowers is no bed of roses.

I don’t get it… all i said was ok… ok wasn’t offensive the last time i checked… and yes i know dropping into loose soil isn’t easy… it quite the task to get out

Be careful when people aren’t being serious. Thistle come round to haunt you, just wait and see.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you off this thyme though.


Ah! I forget - me not serious always.


During one of his demos at the 2001 NUC, Kris apologized for that scene, and said they did their best to clean up after making the landing.

Re: Copying Kris Holm.

Glad to see you are taking it easy on your barely healed neck. :astonished:
Better to be flattening daisies than pushing them up.

Push the little daises and make them come up

WEEN sucks