Copper Triangle MUni ride August 3rd

This Wednesday August 3rd, Osmundo and I are going to ride the Copper Triangle MUni trail. Here is a link from when Bondo and I rode it in 09’.

This is a classic high elevation MUni ride featuring all that is, the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Lots of singletrack climbing and descending at high elevation, with some jeep trail mixed in… The high country is so very green right now, it is the perfect time to go. Our plan is to ride the whole 30 mile Copper Mtn. to Copper Mtn loop, but there will be a bail out option at 20 miles.
I would love to have some more riders this time, anyone who is interested will have to meet either in Copper Mtn or Leadville around 6:30 a.m.
Weather can impact ride decision, so Monday will be the final decision. It will be a full day, so the ride MUST start early. A 100 oz bladder is required, I will bring a pump so we can refill along the way, which we will have to.
If you are seriously interested, PM me, and I will fill you in with the details. Hope you can make it.

I wish I was back in Colorado. This is my favorite time of year out there, so much fun riding and events to do!

Good luck, I will be living vicariously through the photos.

Mike, I’d go, though you’d probably kill me :astonished:

So jealous, the riding out there is amazing. We were too early for the high country riding when we rode with you in June, so maybe what we’ll do next year is come out later when it’s nasty out here.

Currently we are “enjoying” daytime temps in the low to mid 90’s, humidity 70-90%, so you effectively overheat from lack of cooling, kinda like microwaving a bagel.

This weekend we’re heading to Asheville to ride at Pisgah, should be a little cooler and not so humid.

Enjoy that ride!!

I wish!

Man, I would so love to go. I got in a auto accident 5/31/11 (not my fault) and fractured my patella. I’ve been out of work since. I was planning on doing so many rides this summer. I hope to be back on my uni in 2-3 weeks, I hope. My fitness will be pathetic though. I’ve really been wanting to ride with you guys, now it looks like I’ll have to wait till next Spring again. Anyway, have a great time!!

Success on this ride. I will post a story with pics later, but Mark and I made the whole loop. Incredible day in the high country. Here is a sample of what we were treated to. Cheers.

wow that seems really fun! i wish i could have done it! but im only 13. haha

Yeah, I’m jealous. Looks like it was a beautiful day for the ride! Congrats to you two.

figures, I read about the ride after the fact…

Looks like a great one. I’ll definitely have to get up to the Copper Mountain loop before August ends.