Copper Antisieze Application

THe cranks are loose on my KH24 and I bought some copper antisieze to put on, but how to I apply it? Do I just remove the arms and put some on the crank? Is there anywhere else I should put it?



What you prolly want is something like loctite to keep the bolt from getting loose, right? Copper antiseize is used to prevent corrosion so that bolts can be taken off… I use it at work in an automotive garage on car studs to keep the lugnuts from rusting on…

Take the cranks and spacers off the hub. Apply the anti-seize to the axle on the hub making sure you get it into the splines. Apply a little bit of anti-seize to the inside of the crank. Slide the spacers back on. Slide the crank back on.

Now put some anti-seize on the threads of the crank pinch bolt and the crank retaining bolt. Now tighten the retaining bolt (the big bolt) till it is snug but not tight. Now do the same for the other crank.

Now tighten the retainting bolts on both cranks till they’re tight. Now tighten the pinch bolts on both cranks.

Now you’re good to go.

Check the bolts regularly to make sure they’re still tight.

It only takes a little bit of anti-seize to lube the splines. If you use to much you’ll end up making a mess. A little 4 oz jar of anti-seize will be enough for many many years of home use. The anti-seize will go bad before you’ll be able to use it all.

How does something like anti-seize go bad?