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So I was just riding around K-State doing some bench hopping, and I had a b*cycle cop roll up to me and tell me I had to stop jumping on the structures because I was a “liability”.

This got me thinking… a forum of unicyclers HAS to have some good cop stories… let’s hear’m!

I was riding no helmet no nothing, swerving all over in the middle of the road. Suddenly a cop pulls around corner. We’re head to head. I ride for the sidewalk to get out of the way. And then he just drives right by like he didn’t even see me(enenthough we locked eyes for a second).

This shows that some cops are cool!:smiley:

i rode by cops on my giraffe when i used to ride it and i just gave them a peace sign. they never say anything even when im in the road.

Not really a COP story, but my brother and I were riding around the federal building downtown and a security guard was watching us kind of closely. Finally we rode by him and he started saying how cool it was and that we should be performers. He made us do some tricks for him including pedal grabs on some cement walls and blocks there. He didn’t care about any liability. It was awesome.

A local police officer saw me riding in my neighborhood park. He asked me if I had a license for my unicycle. I told him I left it at home.

I saw him again several months later and he commented about how my riding had improved.

That’s my only cop story. They usually just look, shake their heads and smile.

I had a cop in a small town stop me while I was riding my bike because he didn’t like the way I looked at him. :roll_eyes:

Once when I was a teenager, I was waiting for my mom in a parking lot while she was inside at a local art gallery. I was wandering around and some cop decided to follow me - I guess he thought I was trouble. He tried to be sneaky about it, but I could tell he was watching me everytime I turned around. So I led him to my parents’ beat up station wagon in the parking lot and started kicking it and climbing on it. When he started yelling and running toward me, I pulled out the key and got in the car. :smiley:

A couple months ago I had a cop give me a lecture for driving a couple blocks and then turning into my driveway after he first flashed his lights at me. He originally pulled me over because my tail lights had gone out, but he was all flustered because I didn’t pull over immediately.

I’ve never encountered a cop when I was doing something “dangerous” on my unicycle, so I’m not sure what would happen.

Probably just on his way home for Dinner.


As a native NY’er who’s ridden in The City almost every day for the past 25 years, you’d think I’d have a few cop tales to tell. I do.

  1. I got pulled over for riding thru a red light when the car that was down the block (and heading the other way towards that light) turned out to be a cop car. The driver was really nice and just warned me about riding against the light. It was not a great move by me, but I do it fairly often when I judge it’s safe.

  2. A cop put on the squelch lights and sounds and pulled me over as I was Cokering home on what I thought was a bike path. He said, “That’s cool. Where can I order one?”

  3. I was riding my 20" freestyle across Central Park. There were three bike cops out trying to enforce (thru warnings) the rule that you can’t bike in the park except on certain paths. So as I got towards him, he says, “Excuse me, there is no biking on this path.” I said, “OK, well if I see anyone on a bike, I’ll let them know.” But then I calmly dismounted as his buddies laughed and walked until he was unable to see me. I rode on and arrived at another checkpoint. The cops there all gave me the thumbs up and the head cop said, “Cool.”

David Stone

Phlegm… you are definately the winner so far with that jumpin on the car and kickin it crap :- )


My cops stories:


  1. To irritate or torment persistently.
  2. To wear out; exhaust.
  3. To impede and exhaust (an enemy) by repeated attacks or raids.

I have written urban less than a dozen times. I have been stopped by police 4 times. 2 of the times, I was with other riders and NOT riding myself. Another time, I was riding on a rail of a railroad (some distance away from the street). Another time, I was riding backwards along side the road, saw the police car coming, got off, tossed the unicycle in the gutter, and sat down (so that they would just drive by). The cop stopped and asked if I was OK - she guessed that I had injured myself because I looked frustrated! I was frustrated - with having to deal with cops at all.

I don’t do rail grinds, damaging things or endanger people. I’d like to simply be left alone altogether by police.
I DON’T want to have a chat with them (they always seem to force a “good-natured” talk, when I just want them to go away).

Fortunately, when I ride UMX I never get stopped.

That’s because there are no donut shops in the woods.
(The steriotype is appropriate. The local police are EXTREMELY overweight for some reason)

I was in a fountain on Bute Street in the westend of Vancouver BC with James Hargrave, Kris Holm, Tynan Rollo, and James Prevette. We were doing trials in this fountain which had a ledge around it and obilesque-like stones next to each other of every height from 6 inches to 4 feet. They were short and randomly distributed in height around the perimeter but increasing in height as you approached the center.

Two bicycle mounted policemen came by and watched for awhile. They rode away and said, “that looks hard; don’t get hurt.” That was nice. Everyone was padded and helmeted. That could make a difference.

my only cop story was when me and a mate were riding down the main street on the foot path (strickly no bikes or nething) and a cop walks past, smiles and says “well at least no one will steal your bike” i thought he was gonna tell us to get off but the rules are no bikes, nor skateboards, no rollar blades and no scooters.

PS i looked up unicycle in my dictionary and it says single wheel something something espeasily used by acrobats, ACROBATS i am not a *$#@ing acrobat

I’ve done several performances with police. Once in Amsterdam on a bike-theft prevention event. The location was a parking lot. It was reserved… but full of cars. Normaly an event-roganizer would have a problem. But now the parking-police was called, and cleared the stage witin an amazing time.

Next month I will unicycle at the National Police Academy in the Netherlands.

One other police event was a party for an entire department. I was doing the minibike, and let them have a go on it. So with most of them I started a little chat, and asked them what function they had. One macho guy (part of a police-couple) answered: she’s working at the department that’s investigating sex crimes, and I’m doing reconstructions. Leaving me flabberguested.

Once, on a certain -pretty busy- chrossing I went trough a red-light by habit…
…and so I only looked at the traffic relevant to me…
…and overlooked the police-car on the other side.
There were very enthousiast seeing a unicycle, and I did get thumbs up.
Obviously, in their enthousiasm, not noticing what I just did.

The funniest conflict with police I ever had was on international area.
It was with the United-Nations Police. That was where I’ve learned again that the best way to frustrate a frustraded police-officer even more, is by respond/defend unimpressed, calm and controlled. Especially when they shout at you. I drove the guy furious in no-time. Full story here.

Last summer I began a quest to ride my unicycle up and down every state capitol building in the country. I decided, too, to conduct a corollary study of the response time of the state troopers of each state. So far, the Louisiana State Troopers have the fastest response time. I found out later that “central control” was watching me with the state’s anti-unicycle video surveillance system. Officer Castleberry was summoned when I began my climb up the fifty steps and he was pulling into the visitor’s parking lot as I hit the top step. He was telling me to stop as I rode toward him down the stairs. I rode right up to him, offered him my hand, and introduced myself with the smile of mission completed. He was actually very cool. I told him about my 50 state quest and assured him that I was done with his charge. I then asked if he would mind posing for a photo to document my success in Baton Rouge.

Here is a picture of me on my way up the beautiful edifice of the Louisiana State Capitol building steps.

Here is a picture of my new best friend - Officer Castleberry.

well one time i was in a claytons parking lot, and some dude who looked like he was about 25 in a police man uniform told me to get off to the bench i was hopping off of, well he didnt see me doing anythign cause he just walked out of the building, so i was lining up my jump and he told me to get off. So i did by attempting a 180, i stuck it but didnt quite land it. He then said if i could land it so he let me try like 4 more times, and then he walked off just saying to be careful. I had a cool feeling of triumph… thats my only story…


Not exactly a cop but last Thursday I dropped Andrea off at the mall and told her to meet me at top level of the parking structure when she was done. I figured teen ager shopping time would give me a good 1/2 hour+ of uninterrupted riding.

After 10 - 15 minutes of riding I was trying to circumnavigate the top floor of the parking area riding seat-in-front. As I came by the ramp a security guard drove up to tell me they don’t allow riding at the mall. He was almost apologetic.

Even before I started I figured there were cameras so my riding would be no secret. On the way out I looked for the cameras, they had the place pretty much covered.

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On Sat, 7 May 2005 09:22:41 -0500, “UniBrier” wrote:

>told her to meet me at top level of the parking structure

>On the way out

But, did you ever see Andrea again? :slight_smile:

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Well, changinglinks, I used to ride a little street BMX. Above your avatar it says that you live near Austin, Texas. Well, at least a few years ago, Austin was considered BMX Mecca. There was an article about two of the owners of a little bike company called Terrible1, in a Transworld BMX mag. It said that street riders could go to jail from 2-10 years for riding certain parts of the city, when the interviewer asked the two owners (who are pros also) about their riding there. I don’t know if the jail part is true, but it seems that you’ve had your difficulties…


Once we were driving around,
drinking and smoking,
and driving too fast…

No wait! That was just a Cheech and Chong movie.