Cop impounded my 36er! Got it on FILM!!!

I was riding my 36er along a bike path earlier today, when I was stopped by a cop-but there was something about this guy that just didn’t seem right. Long story short, he took some info, gave me a slip of paper and said he was going to impound my 36er, and that I would have to wait 48 hours “claim it”! I’m thinking WTF!!!

Luckily, I had a friend tracking me with my camcorder while I was riding, and he kept filming as this all happened! (Apparently the cop either didn’t notice it or didn’t care that this was being filmed! Out-FREAKING-rageous! :angry:

(PS: lol!) :slight_smile:

… Damn dude… That sucks!

F*cking pigs!

Haha, did you watch the video? :smiley:

lol terry

Yes :wink:

haha that was really funny:D

i liked it :wink:


That’s not funny. The same thing happened to me but for real- Toni Haggart, a local community constable (police) impounded my expensive unicycle under the false assumption that it was a skateboard under the local council bylaw. I paid to get it back as I was on my way to the juggling festival, but the second time they impounded it I refused to pay, and I got it back eventually without paying. This was 6 years ago, and I asked the Police Complaints authority to get her to give me an apology, and they wouldn’t. Lately she has been threatening other unicyclists about not riding in town, even though none of the applicable laws have changed.

Thanks I put a lot of time and effort into it. I actually had to post an ad to hire an “actor who can also ride a unicycle”. So this was by far my most elaborate and co$tly production, lol.

Thanks I appreciate it!

Sorry to here that. I’m glad you got it back. I too have been unjusly harassed by cops in the past, but I believe it’s so important to have a sense of humor, and this was all in fun, and my way also of lampooning the way police can sometimes overstep and bully people. I’m happy that most seem to like my video. It was totally for laughs. Here are some of the YT comments that make me feel it was worth the time and $ to make: :slight_smile:

vanpaun :
Ahahahahahaha! 5 stars, and a favorite! Your a comedic genius!

monocyclism :
I was firmly convinced it was for real! You couldn’t have pulled it off without such professional acting!


berehed :
i think this in yur best video ever terry!
5 stars

Here are some pics of the props I used. Making the helmet was a challenge and my favorite prop. It’s also how the idea started haha.:stuck_out_tongue:



Great vid Terry!

But you do have far too much time on your hands! I can’t even find the time for a normal ride let alone a write, film, edit and produce on modest budget a unicycle chase!

Keep doing it man!


That was sweet. Just remember to deinterlace. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have pulled you over as well. LOL.

LOL! I like how you can see the cop’s megaphone on the very edge of the frame at the beginning. Very well done. Mad props!

Lol So awesome! I love this video:D

that was the first of your vids I’ve ever watched, and it was good, I liked the tiny uni that the cop was riding

Haha, I do have lots of free time so I figure why not ride as much as possible! :smiley:

Thanks. PM sent. :slight_smile:

I want my lawyer! Lol.:wink:

That was totally unintentional, and it originally was even more noticeable, with no way to crop it out, so I used the “ease out” fx which started with it zoomed in, cutting most of the megaphone out.

I asked him to stay back far enough so he’d be out of the shot at the beginning, but he moved to close haha. We also didn’t have the luxury to do as many takes as I wanted since we had a limited amount of daylight left. We shot later in the day purposely so the flashing light would not be washed out in full sunlight.


Thanks yeah that’s my jugglebug that I spray painted flat black, put on the “UPD” (Unicycle Police Division) and then attached that silver thing for the “turbo” haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

That was great. Very creative. UPD! Love that.

muniaddict that was so funny, you’re videos always are very inspirational and bring a smile to my face and make me laugh out loud (lol). I hope to one day be able to make it out West to ride with you and the rest of western riders. Moab is out of the question this year but perhaps next year… I wish we’d had all this mountain unicycling stuff when I was growing up in Sacramento!

just join this group:D

Great Movie Terry! Right on Pele!

Thoughroly enjoyed that movie! Well done!

Pele right on with the “F@#*#@g Pigs!”