Coordinating UK riders going to Unicon

The deadline for cheap Unicon registration is approaching!

Anyone from the UK who wants to register and save themselves some money on wire transfer fees should register on the Unicon Website putting Roger Davies (UK Group Payment) as the person sending your payment, then fill out the form on the UUU website and mention that you’ve registered on the Unicon site.

Roger will contact you to sort out paying through him, and accomodation and unicycle transport for those who want it, hopefully making it nice and cheap.

July seems a long way off, but it’ll be here before you know it :smiley:


Team/Club Name:

Depends whether your local club is putting a team in for anything, if not then put UUU or UK.

I put UUU/Lunis (the Lunis might put a team in for the Hockey)


Wheel size: 24" wheel, ages 0 - 99
Event(s): High Jump, Long Jump

Whats all that about? im sure 20" are allowed regardless on the age

Dunno. Never been to a Unicon before, and I’m rubbish at jumping so it won’t affect me…

anyway ive registered

24 is MAX wheel size ( IIRC) so you can use a smaller wheel if you wish. Lots of people do use 20s for high jump.

Hi it says if were under 18 a guardian bit I am 16 but my parents can’t come is this a major problem

Sarah could I talk you about you or Paul acting as a guardian, you wouldn’t have to do much

Amanda is putting Roger down as hers…

yeh i have aswell now lets hope i dont break anything