COOOL uni movies

Check out these AWESOME movies!

SWEET! Those are some very cool perspectives! Keep it up :smiley:

Those videos were terrible. all it shows is that you know how to ride

That post was terrible. all it shows is that you know how to type

Those videos were fantastic. Keep them commin’ young man. You rock!

They took me right back to when I was that age and learning to unicycle–the exciement and thrill and innocense, before I got all jaded and cynical. Anyone who would diss those efforts has forgoten about the fun of it all.

Thanks for those videos,


i didnt think they were too good. no real tricks but at least you can hold a camera while riding

Jesus guys give the kid a breake hes like 10, could you even ride when you were that age or where you still folowing the croud ready to shout “wheres your other weel gone” on the off chance you saw a guy riding a uni.

Nice vids kid, keep practicing and keep em coming.

the juggler