Coolest skill I know

Today I managed a mixture of most my coolest skills in one. I had seen it on the Twin City video but only realized after I managed the skill where I had seen it. I don’t know what you call it but it is a mixture of gliding(kind of) ,1 ft wheel walk and 1 ft ride. I can’t glide yet but it’s as close as I have ever got. You start off in 1 ft idle the place your foot on the wheel as if doing a 1 ft ww but do take you other foot off the pedal the start to 1 ft ww until your pedal with a foot on is a the highest point then pedal like you do while 1 ft riding but leaving your other ft on the wheel so it is kind of gliding. If you keep your momentum going you should continue to “glide”. If not 1 ft ww till your pedal with ft on is at the highest point and start the “glide” again it is loads of fun and not that hard.
Is this a useful tool whilst learning to glide? Even if it’s not it’s loads of fun so go out and try it!
I have been doing for about 40 mins and can do about 6-7 revs. I also managed a rev of backward 1 ft ride while I was out there so it’s been a productive session. I am going out to try it again now!

I found pull gliding a nice help to find the balance and foot presure.

or the other simple way is from 1 foot wheel walk and just giving a gut push and recover it with the presure of the foot eg gliding for a tiny bit.


sorry I ment coolest trick I can do.I did not learn it to help me with gliding i was interested if it did that was all.i managed a mini glide from doing it a little later after i posted it is just a lot of fun really

I actually used to do one footed riding with the foot partially on the tire. Probably because I learned while going down a slight hill, so I used it to keep from going too fast. It was a bad habit, but really fun.

I also like that trick and I really liked it before I learnt to glide. I thi8nk it may have helped a little for learning to glide but the best one in my opinion is gliding behind a shopping trolley. I didn’t think of doing thise until after learning to glide but I’ve been doing it a little for coasting. It lets you get a feel of what you sahould be doing without being too difficult. I think the trick you described is a fun one to watch too.


i will have to try it some time. i have riden behind a shoping cart again after i learn to ride it was really strange